PV Team Meeting

November 3-4, 2014: PV Team Meeting

Organized by University of Bath, UK

PV Team LogoClear Metals Inc. in co-authorship with SemiMetrics Ltd. and University Northumbria gives an oral presentation “Electrochemical Deposition of Oxides” on CMI revolutionary electrochemical platform and unique lab scale equipment for metal oxide deposition for applications in photovoltaics and electronics.

The presentation outline:

  1. Electrochemical deposition of oxides vs Currently Used PVD and CVD Coating Technologies
  2. Clear Metals Inc. (CMI) Electrochemical Process and Equipment
  3. CMI Electrodeposited Oxides ZnO, Al2O3 and SiO2 for Silicon Photovoltaics Applications
  4. CMI Electrodeposition of ZnO, WOx, NiO, MoOx etc: Perspective Applications in Organic Solar Cell Manufacturing
  5. Application of CMI metal oxide coatings for Improvement in Optical Performance of Commercial Conductive Glasses and Films

To contact our representative at the IOP Conference in London, please email your contact information and time you propose for the meeting to eric.don@semimetrics.com. You will be contacted by our representative promptly.

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