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Press Release

October 1, 2015

Transportation Electric Power Solutions (TEPS) Consortium (Israel) and Clear Metals Inc. (“CMI”, Canada) are pleased to announce the launch of a joint development Eureka project focused on “Novel Coating Technology for Performance Enhancement of Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries for E- Automotive markets”.  The project is intended to accommodate CMI proprietary technology for electrochemical coatings of Metal-Oxide compounds on powdered conductive materials comprising advanced cathodes. As opposed to conventional methods for metal oxide films’ deposition that are primarily intended for deposition on flat surfaces, CMI’s unique technology is capable of achieving high uniformity of coatings on even the most complex “3D” structures such as highly developed surfaces of graphite powdered particles as well as other materials used in LIB cathode and anode structures.

The project is further intended to implement the coated cathodes into the next generation Li-Ion Batteries (LIB) enabling considerable improvement of the endurance of the 3rd generation LIBs and acceleration of their inroad into the E- automotive markets.

TEPS Consortium (Transportation Electric Power Solutions) is engaged in development of the next generation LIB for the E-Automotive markets. The consortium comprises of two leading battery companies and a leading academic group in the area of LIB. Tadiran Batteries (Israel) and ETV Energy (Israel), each one and both together, hold thorough knowhow and extensive, long term experience with LIB systems.

Tadiran Batteries ( produce rechargeable LIB for special markets with extreme demands, holding a leading position in development and supply. Company sales reach more of $100M. Since 2004 the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Saft Groupe S.A. of France.

ETV Energy ( is developer of next generation LIBs for the automotive markets. Company is engaged to develop the High Voltage NMS cathode with accompanying technologies, like advanced coating of the electrode materials, novel electrolyte, including functional additives, separator and more.

Electrochemical group headed by Prof. Doron Aurbach is one of worldwide leading academies in the area of LIBs.

The companies and the academy are engaged at TEPS consortium to conduct generic R&D of advanced, next generation LIB systems for the automotive markets.

Clear Metals Inc. (CMI) was established in 2012 to develop and commercialize the world’s leading metal oxide deposition technology that enables manufacturing of advanced functional coatings for such applications as touch sensor glass, electrochromic windows and energy storage devices. CMI’s patented deposition process offers both cost as well as performance advantages over conventional techniques such as PVD and ALD in a number of applications. In particular, CMI’s technology offers a unique possibility of low cost modification of LIB battery electrode materials towards greater performance and stability.

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