Mr. Andrew Barda – President

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Over the course of 15 years of his employment at Applied Materials Andrew Barda was a key contributor to the engineering development of CMP process and equipment. He further spent 7 years in CMP engineering and Field support. Andrew transitioned to Applied Material sales in 2002. Started with CMP equipment sales and extended into PVD, Wet Clean and Inspection over the next 5 years. Andrew held responsibilities of both Domestic and International Accounts for multiple product sales. In 2007 Andrew transferred to Applied Materials solar division where he was instrumental to establishing a new customer base and new product sales strategy for the division. Subsequent to leaving Applied Materials, Andrew joined Day4 Energy as Director of Sales. His responsibilities included the launch of a new product division: Equipment Sales and Technology Licensing. In his role Andrew was responsible for establishing an international sales team and setting up sales protocols.

Dr. Elena Neburchilova – Director of R&D

Dr. Elena NeburchilovaDr. Neburchilova has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Moscow State University and over 20 years of experience in applied electrochemistry, namely electrocatalysis, galvanic plating, electroextraction, electrochemical treatment of galvanic wastewater, and corrosion protection. She has 10-year expertise in thin film optical films deposition and characterization. Dr. Neburchilova managed commercialization and application of new electrochemical materials and technologies in dozens of enterprises all over the world. She has an extensive international experience in Technology Management, Intellectual Property Management, and sales of technology based products, and in-depth knowledge of the clean energy sector (photovoltaics, fuel cells etc). She holds 3 patents and has authored more than 30 papers.

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