Lab Equipment and Accessories

CMI offers cost and time efficient services on development, design and fabrication of:

  • tabletop lab, test and prototype equipment including special purpose electroplating and electrochemical research equipment
  • electrochemistry accessories: electrochemical cells, electroplating baths, electrolyzes, battery cells, cell and electrode positioning systems, electrode holders and supports etc.
  • sample mounting systems for a variety of tests including wear and corrosion, durability, electrochemical cycling, battery testing,  etc.
  • specimen mounts and holders for characterization equipment (SEM, TEM, EDX, AFM, X-ray etc.)


Custom Electrochemical Cells:

Lab equip 1

Lab Membrane Electrolyzer (Cell)


Thermostated Cell for Electroless Plating

test cell-1-best-to cut

Thermostated Cell for Electroplating