Electrochromic Coatings

Electrochromic Coatings for Smart Glass Applications

Clear Metals Inc. (CMI) has developed a cost efficient technology for electrochemical deposition of electrochromic coatings for application in dynamic or ‘‘smart’’ windows.

CMI technology produces electrochromic coatings with:

  • superior optical modulation up to 60%
  • high transmittance in clear state up to 80% (in stack)
  • extra-high switching speed (up to 30s)

An electrochromic cell is a prototype of dynamic window that may be darkened or lightened electronically with small applied voltages, allowing for control of daylight, solar heat gain, and internal heat loss through windows of buildings and vehicles.

Dynamic range for Electrochromic cell with one CMI electroplated WOx electrochromic coating reaches 60%, switching speed is up to 30s.

transmittance curve

Dynamic range for Electrochromic Cell with Two Electroplated Electrochromic Coatings: WOx (cathodic) and NiOx (anodic) reaches up to 70%, switching speed is up to 50s.