CMI will attend IOP Conference

September 16, 2014: Conference “Advances in Photovoltaics”

Organized by Institute of Physics Ion and Plasma Surface Interactions Group, London, UK

IOP-Conf-bannerClear Metals Inc. in co-authorship with SemiMetrics Ltd. and University Northumbria presents a poster “Atmospheric pressure, low temperature equipment and process for functional oxide deposition in photovoltaics.” The poster reports on CMI revolutionary electrochemical platform and unique lab scale equipment for metal oxide deposition for applications in photovoltaics and electronics. The electrochemical formation of metal oxides is atmospheric pressure, low temperature, cost efficient alternative to PVD and CVD currently used in solar cell industry. CMI electrochemical platform can be used for deposition of a wide variety of oxide coatings including but not limited to ZnO, Al2O3, In2O3, CdO, Y2O3, WO3, ZrO2, SnO2, and SiO2.

CMI achievements in design of unique lab equipment for development and testing of new deposition processes and materials with advanced conductive, dielectric, optical and other properties:

  • CMI has developed electrochemical technique and equipment for silicon anodization to form a uniform anodic SiO2 coating on the Si substrate.
  • CMI proprietary electrodeposition tool BULCON developed for application of metal oxide coatings on solid substrates with bulk electrical conductivity is designed for single sample processing of substrates up to 15cm x 15cm in total surface area and is perfectly suited for laboratory level deposition of metal oxide coatings.
  • CMI proprietary electrodeposition tool MOXIE-S is designed for in-line sample processing with maximum sample width of 30cm and is perfectly suited for laboratory level deposition of metal oxide coatings on both rigid as well as flexible substrates.

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